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Scammed at the Super Bowl?
Spokane credit card processing scammer Merchant Services Direct pays up!
CUSTOMER ALERT: Corporate Annual Minutes Form
Microsoft tech support scammers are at it again!
Skip the tricks this October and treat yourself to a few cyber-protection tips from the AGO and BBB
Hyped up 'travel deals' give consumers a bad trip
Cyber Monday consumers: Tips to shop wisely online
Black Friday shoppers: Be savvy, not sorry by following these simple tips
Give cautiously in wake of Typhoon Haiyan disaster
Watch out for scammers calling to say you won the lottery
Chinese ‘Blessing Scams’ are causing more Distress than Peace
The Art of Timeshare Scamming
Don’t Fall for ‘Too Good to be True’ Paving Jobs
Flood Vehicles Trickling into Washington
Fake Court Calls Demand Money
Free Airline Tickets? Don't Pack Your Bags Yet!
Business Beware the Yellow Page Scammers
Spoofers strike again
E-Receipts: Love them or hate them?
Stop sneaky Scrooges from sidelining your support
Looking for some extra cash?
Is that a legit credit card company calling, or just another scam?
Consumer alert: Businesses should be on the lookout for fake invoices
Test your scam-awareness with this “urgent message from Sudan”
My lucky day?
Rendezvous with a scam?
Survey says: shoppers can't fight their impulses
Did you win the Summer Olympics Lottery?
What is the worst email scam you’ve received?
Can you pass this test?
Emergency! Don't fall for the 911 scam
Consumer alert: Don’t be carried away by “the Love Boat scam”
Consumer alert from the FBI?
National Consumer Protection Week: Never commit to big home repair jobs the same day and always get multiple bids.
National Consumer Protection Week Tip of the Day: Craigslist Rental Scammers
Oops! Scammer tries to rip off a scam investigator
National Consumer Protection Week Tip of the Day: Grandparents still being scammed
National Consumer Protection Week Tip of the Day: You may already (not) be a winner
Washington State Attorney General investigations into window sellers catch the eye of federal regulators
How to avoid becoming a victim of tax-related ID theft & scams
Help! My tree has fallen and it can’t get up.
Scammers posing as grandkids in need continue to prey on compassion of elderly
Consumer Safety Tips to Guard against Online Counterfeiting and Piracy
Be a smart and safe shopper
Beware, anyone can fall victim to a skimming scam
California authorities sue law firms for mortgage fraud
FBI, eBay warn of car sales scam
Keys to avoiding locksmith fraud
Don’t get burned by summer scams
Google warns users infected by malware
Beware of DOL-related phishing schemes
Credit-card scammer wakes hotel guests
The Wrong Help Can Hurt
Phone scam targets Medicare participants
Bogus debt collectors seeking personal info
Countering skimming scams
Tips for data breach victims
Don't be stabbed by a spear-phisher
Beware of bin Laden spam and computer viruses
FTC sends refunds to victims of 'Wal-mart Shopping Spree' scam
Credit card data possibly stolen from PlayStation and Qriocity users
Cyber thieves hacking business accounts, Sending money to China
Marriage scams
FTC goes after fake news sites touting weight-loss products
Scam roundup: asphalt pavers, fake payday loan collectors
Phishing schemes hit our inboxes
Don't pay to join lawsuits promising mortgage relief
FTC charges Washington man for fake news stories pitching products
Signs you are a victim of tax identity theft
Make sure your contractor is registered
Phishing attacks likely to follow Epsilon breach
Scammers preying on immigrants
Tax scam targets seniors
Consumer news you can use … storage insurance, military ID theft, worthless ring tones
Want to buy a share of Facebook?
Dodge tsunami charity scams
Collections agencies, ID theft top consumer gripes for 2010
Soldier impersonators target women online
Grandparent scammers using Caller ID spoofing
Three-digit and WaMu phone phishing scam
Scamming S.A.T. takers?
Auto warranty seller barred from doing business in Washington
FTC sends refund claims to auto warranty fraud victims
CONSUMER ALERT: Misdialed “toll-free” number can cost you
EDITORIAL: More action needed to protect America's intellectual property
Warn loved ones about grandparent scam, other money-wiring schemes
Hack job
BBB's top scam list
Package snatchers spoil the holidays
Cheap fake goods carry a high cost
Online shoppers safer as bill heads to President’s desk
E-commerce businessmen caught in Web of deceit
State Record Retrieval Board warning is junk mail
Identity thieves love social networking
Some penny auctions use cheap tricks to cheat consumers
Steer clear of these 3 car-buying scams
Red flag for “The Green Millionaire”
Court squishes açaí berry pusher
Tacoma debt repair program to pay back consumers
Bad legal advice nearly causes deportation
You have to buy a lottery ticket to win
NOT “The Real Thing”
Boost your Money Smarts next week at KCTS
Phony news sites push supplements
Phony health inspectors target restaurants
FBI warns of scam that hijacks your phone
Spike in phone phishing attacks
Aussie Internet fraudster pleads guilty
Avoid upfront fees for loan modifications
Oil clean-up jobs offered to Yakama Nation members too good to be true
Gulf oil spill spawns slick stock scams
Gain your Money Smarts at Spokane and Lacey workshops
AG McKenna discusses loan modification and unemployment scams
AG to host public forum for Chinese-Americans
Attorney General McKenna to host public forum for Chinese-American community
Abagnale and Kasemehas: A Con-tradictory Comparison
Job scammers lurk on the Internet
Bakeries whipped by wedding cake scams
Free iPad for beta testers?
Beware of health insurance scams
The 2010 census is taking a picture. Keep your eyes open!
Computer spyware poses as meeting reminder
Web sites makes it easy to check whether businesses are registered
Interview with a scammer
Raising the red flag on mail thieves
Feds fight job scammers
KSER-AM to broadcast TeleTown Hall with McKenna tonight
All Consuming’s letter to Santa
E-mail scam: Package delivery e-mail is a computer virus
Consumers bite at phishing scam
Cyber nightmare before Xmas
Swine flu for your computer!
Lakewood police shooting – don’t be misled by fundraising calls
11,000 Washington seniors on the phone with AG McKenna
One bad email drains $500,000 from victim's bank account
10 ways fake check scammers find you
Grandparents still falling for 'wire me some $' scam
Thumbs Up: Lynden restaurant owner thwarts scam
Latinos at risk of being exploited by notarios
Attorney General prepared to hammer dishonest home remodelers
Check if your email password was hacked
REI sweepstakes scam ... and the origin of 'pulling your leg'
Veterans target of prescription drug scam
Do the Puyallup with Rob McKenna!
Kudos: Walmart employee stops wire fraud
Consumers juiced by deceptive Açaí and resveratrol product ads
Money for nothing ...
BBB warns of bogus 'survey agent' job offer
Been bamboozled by bamboo fabrics?
Worry-Free Guarantee!
Consumer Protection and Youth
Settlement with Dish Network
FTC tackles Tacoma debt-repair company
Pierce County businesses claiming to help homeless aren’t charities
Driving home the meaning of Do Not Call to car warranty telemarketers
Work-at-home offers are often scams
Economic scams abound. We've got your back.
Is your elderly relative donating too much to charity?
If it seems cheap ...
Pay time for notorious foreclosure rescue scammer
Following the yellow brick road to deceitful SEOs
As if one Swine Flu virus weren’t enough
Foreclosure relief kit a neatly packaged rip-off
Another warning about extended car warranties
Should there be an Attorney General's Warning on checks?
Are you on the sucker list?
Big jump in scareware from spam
Music downloads could lead to identity theft
Feds, states crack down on foreclosure rescue and loan mod scams
Quote-worthy: AGO experts in the news
Hot urban legends! Pass it on.
The look and sound of a scam
Phony Publishers Clearing House letters say you've won
Loan modification scams claim more victims
Hang up on phone scams: new ones making the rounds
Phony terrorist attacks = real computer attacks
All Consuming blog moderator hits the radio waves
Economic scams boom in recession
KCTS financial crisis series
Door-to-door magazine seller offering 'fresh start' isn't a charity
Spring break scam: Impersonators pose as students in trouble
Phone scammers posing as Department of Revenue
Foreclosure rescue bill update on way to Governor
Consumer protection bill hearings next week
Be wary of offers to reduce your debt
Florida company sued over free gas vouchers
Attorney General and BBB to answer consumer calls on KHQ
Unregistered businesses hurt economy
Seattle City Light warns about cons posing as bill collectors
Be a Scambuster! Join us this week at a fair!
Love bugs: E-cards that carry viruses
Phony insurance agents targeting Hispanic businesses
Attorney General warns of bogus employment scams
Watch out for flood-related scams
Attorney General sues Colfax couple for equity skimming
Scammers claiming to be from your credit card provider
Web scam targets the unemployed
'Tis the season for mail theft
State officials warn about charity scams during economic crunch
Computer germs disguised as holiday greetings
Fake Web coupons rip off buyers and sellers
Creator of copycat financial Web site on the hook for violating phishing law
“Live rent-free” ad was too good to be true
Fraud alert: Scam health insurance and Medicare card offers
Free gas vouchers leave consumers fuming
ID thieves skimming your info at gas pump and ATM
Modern-day pirates threaten computers & economy
Pesky debt collectors may not be legit
Attorney General says United Home Savers is a misnomer
30 million consumers victims of fake antivirus software
Copycat YouTube pages carry bad bugs
FTC socks it to international spam gang
Bank failures and takeovers create Phish-erman's Special
Phone roundup: The truth about unauthorized charges, cell phone directories
Answers to questions about a foreclosure rescue scam mailing
Grandparent scam hits more victims
Elderly ripped off by relatives
News of Social Security payment cards means cons may be calling
Dirty deeds: AG raises the red flag on foreclosure fraud
Beware of a new Facebook virus
Is your coupon a fake?
A warning about used car “curbstoners”
Spoofed MSNBC and CNN headlines will infect computers
I spy spyware, spam and scams
Telephone scammers pretending to represent Kitsap Credit Union
New web content on foreclosures
Is an online degree legit or worthwhile?
FWD: FWD: WARNING! Tell Everyone!
Scam alert: ID thief poses as debt repairer
Four years for 'Spam King' Soloway
Free ring tones may come with hidden costs
Judge ponders prison time for 'Spam King'
Call forwarding scam a favorite for inmates
“Grandparent scam” targets Washington elderly again
FAQ about Washington’s new distressed homeowner law
Washington woman sentenced in fake check scam
More on the digital TV switch -- and misleading ads!
Former smoke shop owner guilty of debit-card scam
Phony escrow companies take your money and run
“Baby, You Ought to be in Pictures” - – Evading Modeling and Acting Scams
Recognizing a phone scam
FTC's major telemarketing fraud crackdown
Traveling sales - the job ad might not tell the full story
Stimulus check scams
Scam alert: Cons posing as utility workers
Phishing attack targets CEOs with fake subpoena
Are you vulnerable to Windows Messenger pop-ups?
Free homeownership counseling
Six tips to make you a wiser consumer
CP Week Tip of the Day: Debt collectors fall into 2 categories – legit and bogus
Don’t be suckered by investment scams
Car tab renewal scam
AG McKenna to host town hall for Latino consumers
Use caution looking for love online
More foreclosure help for struggling borrowers
FTC turns tables on phishing scam; cons now ask you to call local numbers
Three new identity theft scams happening right now
E-mail claiming to be from IRS is a scam
AG McKenna requests consumer protection laws
Notices from National Business Registration are likely a scam
Freddie Mac’s YouTube video warns of foreclosure rescue scams
New MySpace graphics promote wise charitable giving
Beware of phony football tickets
Cell Phones Under Attack: How to block text spam and viruses
Cheaper way to buy copies of property deeds
Charity scams possible in the wake of the flood
Gift card laws and scams
Can you spot the top 10 scams?
Check out contractors before you pay for storm repairs
Use caution when shopping online auction sites
How much is that doggie on the Internet? offers tips to spot online scams
Building a dream or living a nightmare?
Funny videos educate about fake check scams
Actor JK Simmons films documentary on investor fraud
Business asked for personal info, sent collections notice
UR Nfektd! Worm targets Skype users, spreads through chat messages
Peer file-sharing programs create identity theft risk
International crackdown intercepts 15,000 phony checks in Africa
How to confirm whether an e-card is real or dangerous spam
Fake checks can fool bank tellers
New phone scam promises guaranteed student grants
Phone scammer tricks
Yellow Page scams: Don't be misled by walking fingers
Pump-and-dump scam floods e-mail inboxes
Watch out for phony government e-mails
Callers pretending to be the Department of Revenue
Cons using phony checks and new tricks
You don't have to buy workplace posters -- they're free
Beware of asphalt paving scams
Avoid the foreclosure “rescue” trap
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